Best Buy On Ebay

hi thought i would do a thread asking about your best buy on ebay.
mine is 6 great xbox 360 games for £7


Mine was 12 really nice fashionable belts for £10 delivered!

Got to be an as new STi exhaust for my subaru for 99p:w00t: The guy had it listed as a subru ipetza turdo exast. He nearly threw it at me and didn't say a word when I picked it up :shock:. Paid with paypal too so he would have had fees to pay

had a few good bargains but my best recently was a brand new black leather chair and foot stool for a whopping 99p,the woman was very quiet when i collected it too! and i gave her the extra penny tut

i got tony hawks proving ground on xbox 360 for like £4 on release day

Iceland.for £10,000 :w00t:



Iceland.for £10,000 :w00t:


mine was probs my freeview recorder thingy...£60 should of been £160...

xbox 360 for a buy it now of £45 plus post,(she advertised it as a standard xbox)

80 ty beanies at 1p each they had p&p at £2.49 but lived just up the road and was shocked when i went to pay and collect, nearly didn't get them but the thought of 80 negitive feedback was too much for them lol

Mine was a £500+ 10 tube philips sunbed for £25, was basically brand new, the auction finished in the middle of the night and I was the only bidder. yay me. lol

99p for Harry Potter box set of 1st five books.

Mines was a brand new Blackberry 8100 for £50 and an IPAQ 514 Voice Messenger for £60.

Brand new Rotary Men's watch (a few years ago) for £45.00 (RRP. £350). I took it to a jewellers to make sure it was real, even though it was in a Rotary box and with certificates). Everything was ok. Wear it every day.

ICO for Ps2 when it was very very rare!! Won it on auction somehow for about £7. Played it and finished it in a week, then it sold back on fleabay for £55

I bought some new Puma football boots that retailed at £99 for £5:w00t:

Great boots they were.
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