Best buy, quidco harnomy one remote has not tracked?

    Hey bought that harmony one remote and it said on quidco THEY WILL give 10% cashback, but its not showing on quidco.

    I bought on x-mas eve, do these things take a while to track?

    Never used quidco before, keep checking my account and nothing.



    Good luck with best buy on quidco....i bought thro them spent £38 via quidco didnt track then after 2 weeks took out a cashback enquiry...then 4weeks later got it declined ! ive used quidco for over 2 years...this was the first to be declined

    Tracking speed depends on the merchant.

    Did you go to their site via any other before using Quidco? That can result in the tracking cookies not working correctly and the cashback being sent to the wrong site.

    You canask them to look at it, but I think only after 28 days. . .
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