Best Calling Card or Related Solutions?

    I make very frequent calls to India... I been using Lucky Calling Card in my O2 Contract (Weekend Unlimited Calls)...!! Been spending £6 per card which lasts for few hours..! But I was wondering if there is any better method which will be the cheapest way to Call India? I spend a long hours during weekends specially and occasionally on weekdays as well.

    Tired of spending £6 every week! I have O2 and 3 Contract with me, if someone could suggest me a good and cheapest way to call abroad (India & Other Countries).. I would be pleased! I don't wanna make use of VoIP on PC.

    Just looking for some cheapest way to Make Calls...!! Kindly HELP!!



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    Duh! No one to help me ? Bump!

    I normally buy a phone card from here:
    Then use my free mins and free weekend calls to call free from my mobile calling through the 020 access number using the phone card. Hope it helps!

    Do you have a landline?

    If so, you could try ]this at 3p per minute, or ]this at 4p per minute to call a landline or 3p per min to call a mobile.

    If you don't have a landline, maybe you could try these numbers from a phonebox and see if they work. HTH. :thumbsup:

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    I don't have a landline.. I wanna use my Inclusive Minutes and Weekend Unlimited Calls that I have with my Contract Mobile (O2!)!!

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