best camera for £150-£200

what's the best camera for £150-£200?
I was looking to canon ixus 60 cameras2u.com/pro…4AA £175 delivered


You've chosen the right one IMHo: the canon ixus 60 would be a good choice in this price range I think - it's £174 here @ ][COLOR=blue]amazon [/COLOR]if you prefer to buy from there.

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free next day delivery with cameras2u and cashback from quidco

I was in Jessops yesterday looking at the Ixus 60, ixus 65 and Panasonic Lumix. I've ruled the Lumix out because people have complained about picture quality in online reviews.

I now have to decide between the 60 and 65. The screen on the 65 is amazing at 3" but the camera does seem that little bit bigger even though Steve-digicams.com says they are the same dimensions.

I think I will end up getting the 65 as it seems that bit more modern and has a better key layout.

Remeber that these cameras are £230 and £250 on the high street so the amazon price is excellent at £174

Ixus 60


Ixus 65


(SD600 and SD630 are the American names for them...)

Olympus Mju 800
(or one of the various older or newer models).


Very bright and large backscreen in bright daylight, all weather design (works in the snow very well), and no shutter lag. The rounded design makes it far easier to keep in your pocket with no sharp edges to catch or fall on if your out and about (i.e on the snow )

Its been a great second camera when the DLSR has been too bulky to cart around with all its lenses.

Amazon for around £180 but im sure there cheaper elsewhere.

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thanks all
ixus 60 is the best for the money
ixus 65 is a bit expenive I think

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£198.50 next day delivered for the ixus 65

Amazon is slightly cheaper at £193 for the Ixus 65.

Only £19 more than the Ixus 60. That's why I'm finding it so hard to choose between the two. :confused:

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[SIZE=2]I prefer cameras2u - they have free next day delivery and for Tuesday delivery with amazon you need to pay £8 extra[/SIZE]

I ordered the Ixus 60 from Amazon yesterday and this morning found out it wouldn't be delivered until the 2nd September with Super Saver delivery. Rubbish!

Needless to say I've cancelled the Amazon order and gone with Cameras2u so it should arrive tomorrow. If anyone has any questions when I get it or would like any sample pics let me know...

comet doing 10% off cameras until Friday
Dixons will pricematch them
and you get 5% off if you have an egg card !!!

Happy snapping

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bought the ixus 65 from amazon
very nice little camera

I'd go for the Casio Exilim S600 from ]eBuyer.com.

Gorgeously slim and sexy with great image quality.
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