Best camera for approx. £150?

Preferably a Sony T series or Canon Ixus series (ie thin and discreet..), would like to get a 5MP+ digital camera for around £150 if possible...

I have an old 4MP canon ixus i (no optical zoom), been lending it to my g/f for a while.. her birthday coming up so thought would buy her her own digital camera.

Cheers to all for any suggestions!!


I was snooping around but coukdn't find any Sony T series, but I did find this 6MP camera within your budget:


Canon Ixus wise, I did manage to find a 5MP Camera within your budget:


It appears to be the only thin and discreet one within your budget that I can find..

- kyle.

Original Poster

Great, thanks for your help!

Polak, if you are willing to spend a wee bit extra, the Canon Ixus 60 got excellent reviews across the board, but it comes up around £180 - £190.

Just some food for thought.

If you go for the ixus posted above at Robert Dyas, there is a code for £5 off in the voucher section you can use. Quidco pay 5% also.

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will bear in mind.. thanks for all your help guys!

[SIZE=2]I would highly recommened the Fuji FinePix F10, I bought this camera for my girlfriends birthday 6 months ago and its still one of the best compacts around.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Its 6.3 Megapixels and produces some amazing results. It also has a very broad ISO range (80 - 1600) which means that you can take pictures in any light, from very dark to the sunniest day.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]I spent almost a month researching cameras before I settled on this and this was the winner by far. [/SIZE][SIZE=2]You can pick up this camera for under £150 from Amazon with free delivery and I gaurantee you wont be dissapointed:[/SIZE]

Hi I have found a Sony T5 for you. It's a little more than your budget it's £166 + £5 delivery. I got my T5 camera from them a while ago (I paid quite a bit more than this grrrr) But anyway they are a good company to deal with!!

Hope this helps



This camera is 5m pixels - more than enough for pic sizes up to A4
It has plenty of features and a stability setting inbuilt
Is Amatuer Photographics compact of 2006
all in all was £149 from dixons including delivery and a 5% NHS discount (code NHS192)

I would recommend going to currys to try a few out first to see how they feel and look before buing on the net.

I had trouble deciding which one to buy as well - and too many suggestions confuses things.

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thanks for the suggestions... i'm torn between the sony and canon ixus izoom, which is a bit more expensive..
[SIZE=2]will keep on searching but thanks for all the advice [/SIZE]

I'm not exactly sure what Sony T series you are looking for but ]pixmania have the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T5 Black or Silver for [COLOR=black]£145[/COLOR] .

Don't forget ]Quidco cashback and discount codes to get around [COLOR=black]£[/COLOR]12 off.

Hope this helps?



Pixmania have the Sony T5 for £151.10, including delivery and a 2 year warranty!

I used to work for Dixons - the Sony's above the Canon's for me!!


Beat me to it!!!


Beat me to it!!!

Hehe, just call me quick draw mcgraw!


This seems like a good deal for the ][COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Arial Black]Canon Ixus I5[/FONT][/COLOR] - normally £130+ elsewhewhere on the web, eBuyer have it for £99 with a free case.

The Ixus I5 is the smallest slimmest and sexiest of all the Ixus … The Ixus I5 is the smallest slimmest and sexiest of all the Ixus range.Features[LIST][*]Ultra sleek body in Blue[*]5.0 Megapixel sensor[*]VGA movies with sound[*]3cm Macro mode[*]9-point AiAF[*]DIGIC and iSAPS[*]PictBridge/Direct Print compatible[*]Print/Share button[*]5 scene modes[*]CANON iMAGE GATEWAY[/LIST]

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