Best camera lens for jewellery photos?

Found 12th Apr
I have a Nikon d3200 and photograph a lot of jewellery can anyone suggest the best lens to use for this?
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I dont think the lens will do much. its the light and bacground you need to worry about
Agreed. I started by using a flash and a 90mm macro and all i got was reflected light. You may want to consider a light tent + non reflective dark background (preferably velour/velvet). Trial and error job. It was years ago so cant recall what I ended up doing
I made a light box, just a normal cardboard box on it's side, painted white inside, stick a real light bulb though an hole. Position the camera on a tripod, shoot with a remote or your phone app if poss. Lens doesn't really matter swings and roundabouts - fixed prime will give better results but light could be trick where as zoom lens will allow the camera to be further back and rule that out. I would say I always got better result from my Panasonic 32x zoom bridge camera which cost £75 when my Nikon which cost £1000 :-) so it's not about equipment in general.
As everyone has said lighting is key. Though if you want fine detail captures then a Macro lens will be required.
Nikon’s 40mm is no use, the 1:1 focal distance is tiny.
Best budgets bet would be a used Tamron 90mm f2.8 VC. (Pretty sure that’s the one with built in focus motor, though macro generally works best on a tripod and with manual focus. )
Or get a set of extension tubes and use your current lens. A light tent plus lights is key though.
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