Best camera on a phone <£200

Found 10th Apr
Time for a new phone, so thinking about what I don't like about my current one and top of my list is a rather underwhelming camera.

For all that my current phone is starting to slow down and has frequent freezes, it still has a number of features I'd like to hold on to (USB-C rapid charging, NFC, Fingerprint)

So is there anything out there that has:-

  • A good camera (fast and produces decent pictures)
  • NFC
  • USB-C
  • Rapid charging

All for under £200 (way under if possible!)

I've been looking at the P-Smart and Honor 9 lite and although I like the look of the P-smart, I would be interested if I could manage to tick off all of my list...

Thanks in advance!
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Factory reset your phone may fix. Often dose... Anyway as for phone do you want to buy from uk or happy to purchase from gearbest and alike? Although Nfc maybe a problem on most. I paid £245 for an lg g5 and that ticks all your boxes but 1..price.. Bought off amazon I think..
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Am ok buying with Gearbest, but the reviews of the chinese phones almost always pan the cameras. Great specs otherwise.

It completely blows my budget, but the oneplus 3T looks like a lovely phone, now if only I can get it for under £200!!!
I want the mi mix2s.. Oh boy do I want.. If it hits £300 ish I'm in. May have a wait on my hands.. It's the camera ai on phones that let's them down rather than sensor, and the camera on my redmi note 3 ain't great.. Its fine with light and I've taken some great shots but poor inside with low light. Wide angle and maybe a zoom Is what we all want. The 3t camera is ok hear.
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Try getting a good used Huawei mate 9, excellent camera
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