Best camera on a phone under £100?

    Hi, the mother wants to know the best phone she can buy for under 100 but by this she means the best camera and storage capacity as that is what she always asks about. It seems the moto e 2nd generation is supposed to be a good all rounder but the camera is only 5mp and 8gb storage. Is it possible to get better than that (mainly camera wise) for under £100? Thanks


    Could get a Wileyfox Swift 4G Dual SIM-Free Smartphone - Black

    Screen size 5 inches
    Screen resolution 1280x720 Pixel
    Camera 13 MP
    Video HD (1080p)

    £94.99 at amazon .…684

    We use these (the 640XL version) at work (4000+ employees) and they are really good. Expandable storage, cheap as chips.
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    Smart Ultra 6? Best phone I've ever had considering cost and I've had a lot.

    Second hand LG G3 should be about that price. Fantastic camera

    If you are prepared to buy used and have a windows phone and the camera is most important then you could do a lot worse than a Nokia Lumia 1020. 41MP sensor and 32gb storage . 64gb versions are also available I think.
    You should get a mint one for around £100.
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