Best Camera Phone for £200 - £300

    Best Android phone for camera? I have a A3 2015 version and would like to pay for something 10 times better camera wise. The phone it self is great apart from the camera. I don't mind it been a bit bigger than the A3 but don't want a huge phone.

    Any help appreciated.

    I was thinking of waiting for the HTC Play U but think be more than £300.


    Sony has good cameras but best camera atm is p9 Leica for around 340

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    I went into carphone warehouse yesterday told me to stay away from a series phones if want better camera. opt for Samsung 6 or Xperia X that wa £299 last week it's closer to £400. Wont spend more than £300 want keep my sim only deal on as good value.

    Will consider anything that is an improvement camera wise and good battery life. I seen the p9 yesterday it looks a giant phone!

    Buy second hand, get much better value for money

    The Huawei P9 and its better looking sibling the Honor 8 have incredible dual lens cameras and are available for around £300.

    I own an Honor 8 and it is a fantastic phone.
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    Some great quality photos' in this review of the P9 Link

    Huawei Honor 8 or P9 are available for around £300 and have great cameras.

    LG G4 has an amazing camera

    Imho....(I'm a published photographer) there is no phone on the market, yet, that can compete with a dedicated dslr. The Nikon D3300 and new kit lens can be purchased for under £300. Even with the kit lens is way better than any phone. Stick a Nikon 35MM G f1.8 lens and yours covered......


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    Thanks everyone will check the LG G4.

    I am going buy a DSLR renagade i got a compact system Camera at min a panasonic lumix.

    So that be worth considering. I know a phone never be on par with a dslr. I still need an improved camera phone for concerts etc would never take a good camera to an event like that.

    Keep suggestions coming need buy in the next month

    Check out this site…les
    gives you an idea of what you can expect from a mobile

    The dual camera set up on the honor 8 is not the same as the p9 apparently, and you shouldn't expect to get the same quality photos, the reviews say it's more for special effects like false bokeh.

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    Is the Honor 8 worth the extra £130 compared to the Honor 6x? Also does anyone know if I be able to get all apps I get now on my A3 or would I need wait for the update I read something about it other day. Anyone with Honor phones any tips appreciated.
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