Best camera smartphone under £500

Posted 23rd Apr
looking for a smartphone for a Instagram business currently have a samsung s8plus looking for a better camera does anyone have any suggestions thanks
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Maybe pixel 3 or 4 if you can find one, both have computational photography so turn out pretty good photos, the 3 has a better front camera setup as it has autofocus whereas the 4 has fixed focus but gains an extra lens on the rear for zoom
Thank for your reply was looking more for video aspects and the occasional photo
iPhones are best optimised for instagram and have the best video cameras. Samsung S10 series or Note 10 series are the better video cameras among the android phones. Pixel series of phones excel in images but cannot compete with iPhones for video quality. Maybe a software update down the line on the Pixel 4 series may improve it towards the top end of android devices for video quality. For Android device I would recommend the Pixel 4 or 4xl and on iOS side any of the iPhone 11 series
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YouTube is best
Try sticking GCAM on the Samsung first. Google/YouTube it. It does make a difference. iPhones are probably your best bet, their cameras are suited for social media.
Mate 20 pro?
P30 pr0
I'd definitely suggest the Pixel 4 XL, p30 Pro, mate 20.

The Samsungs have decent numbers but they don't translate that well over sadly which is a shame.
P30 Pro
Pixel 3a iPhone se
If you can grab an S10 plus for around the £520 then you will have a great phone and great camera .
Pixel,flagship Huawei, IpHone
Jordan_Taylor23/04/2020 23:13

Mate 20 pro?

I have this, excellent camera but video let's it down according to the experts reviews.
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