Best camera under £300?

Found 19th Feb
I'm looking for the best camera I can buy at this price point, does anybody have any advice?

Would love a DSLR, but know its not possible at this price point. Are there any cheaper ones that produce a near DSLR like image?

Any info about what to look for in cameras will be appreciated also.

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may help to state what the camera will be used for
a D3400 will be right up your budget and take AWESOME quality pics.
Or... take £50 and buy a cracked galaxy s6 or s7 and use it as camera...
Not only could you buy a DSLR at that price point, but you could even buy a fully pro DSLR like the Canon 1Ds MkII if you buy used. They are built like tanks, and could easily last you a lifetime. Don't be put off buying used. I buy used DSLRs all the time and have never had a problem, but obviously some care needs to be exercised. A very good deal can be had if you are patient, just be sure not to buy one that has been abused by a pro, and has a reasonable shutter count.

Don't forget though, if you want the most from your DSLR, you'll probably want a good tripod and a good lens. I would rather skimp on the DSLR and have top quality lenses (they keep their value better than DSLRs) and tripods.
If you want something new the Canon G9X is fantastic. Get the Mark 2 if you can afford it. Love mine.
CEX give a 2 year g'tee on their used stuff.
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