Best Car Audio Unit Needed

    Hello All

    Looking for a new unit for me car as me pioneer has just given up

    Need one that will play MP3 and just be good

    Max Price £250

    Many Thanks

    Techz :?


    I've been using a Kenwood KDC-W5534U for a few days and it is nearly perfect... but I'm going to give it to my brother and get the Blaupunkt Memphis MP66 instead (better display options.)…tml

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    Thanks For Your Reply SilverBandit

    Check this out


    Also might go for this



    Nice! thanks for the pointer to the £20 saving on the MP66 - I thought I'd found a good price! (That Lacie HDD is available cheaper separately if you do go for that setup...)

    watch your delivery costs too...
    Prestige Audio Direct charge minimum £10 - at all prices include carriage.

    always used sony but just brought one f those hings that connects you ipod through your radio got hundreds of songs now and no car full of cds

    try car audio direct

    or cad as its known

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    Thanks SilverBandit AGAIN!

    For this ]http//ww…asp

    But i think i might find it hard for somewhere to put the hdd :-(

    i know i would like it though lol

    Still not sure what to do

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    What do you think of this




    SilverBanditWhat do you think of this … SilverBanditWhat do you think of this ]

    Very Gimmick-y! The panel looks like it overlaps the top and bottom of the single-din slot, so it will likely foul other items in your centre console (in my case that would be the cup-holders above and the ashtray below.)

    It seems very cheap for what you're getting - "You pays your money and you takes your chances" - also, it's being shipped from HK which will likely incur extra costs through customs.

    try had mine from them.

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    Thanks ]esims84

    I will have a look
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