Best Car Head Unit MP3 around £150

    Hi All

    Title says it all. Needs to be able to play MP3 disks, and would like a nice looking one. Ipod and USB are not important functions for me.

    I like the look of the Pioneer models like…tml…482…af9

    If theres anything similar you guys know about please do let me know, or where the best place to buy from, am also willing to push to maybe £200 if its worth it.

    Thanks in advance


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    Thanks, any more suggestions please

    Check, this always seem to have good deals on the incar bits


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    Didnt like the ones from ebuye3r im afraid, thanks for your suggestion

    ANy more suggestions is appreciated

    There's the JVC KD-DB711 MP3/DAB for ~£150, or £100 on eBay.

    And a Sony somethingorother for around the same price; again DAB/MP3 but looks a million percent nicer in real life than it does online for some reason.

    Then there's the Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB54 available for under £200. Plays off SD cards and can record onto them as well from the radio (not sure if it can do it unattended with a timer but you'd think they'd have thought of that and enabled it). That'd be great for catching some concerts on 6Music etc.

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