Best Car lease Companies

    Anyone recommend a good car lease company?

    I'm looking for a Nissan Qashqai on lease and wondered if anyone recommended any good reasonable companies?


    Completely different car and manufacturer but this is What i have done/in the process of doing i went on found the cheapest deal for what i wanted, then contacted local dealers, in your case local nissan dealers (although doesn't have to be local as in my case i found one in london who would deliver and pickup), to see if they would at worst match (whilst taking off the administration cost most lease companies charge). -…ng/ is probably the easiest way to see what registered nissan dealers offer lease cars

    I contacted 5 dealers and 4 replied with a quote, 2 matched and 2 beat the one i sent them. The quote I sent them was £10,500 over 4 years and the best i got off a registered dealer was £1000 off the best i could find from a lease company

    Personally think going direct like this gets the best deal whilst also dealing directly with an affiliated dealer

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