Best charity to donate to?

    I know this is highly subjective, but what I primarily mean by asking this are for recommendations on charities that focus their efforts on their cause, rather than high CEO wages or political agendas. Basically, whichever charities put the biggest % they can of their donations to the cause at hand.
    I'm mostly looking for animal or children welfare charities.
    I currently only donate to the RSPCA.


    been totally honest I used to volunteer for cats protection and they are absolutely fantastic. they do everything they can for cats which unfortunately the rspca don't do. I've had too many unpleasant dealings with the rspca and I would give them one penny. for me either cats protection or blue cross that deal with cats x

    rspca ? seriously?

    Help For Heroes? A charity that should not exist imo, but a worthy cause.

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    rspca ? seriously?

    What's wrong with RSPCA?

    your local hospice, they always need help.

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    I was looking at "Save the children international"
    Based on these statistics:…r=0

    Seems pretty respectable, doesn't it?

    Have you heard of the EDHI foundation?
    They work in Pakistan helping the most in need irrespective of race belief etc.
    Whenever you see a tragedy you will see their ambulances
    They are the only organisation to help donkeys there.
    Their founder only owned two changes of clothes and lived simply, he passed away recently.
    All I ask is you give just a little

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    Thank you for all the replies so far, I'll make sure to research each one suggested.

    Personally I've always donated to local good causes of things that interest me. Such as local football side, sea scouts, dog shelters etc. Main reason is I like to see at the money is needed and will affect the community. I've got very strong views on charities esp those who employ people to ask for money on the streets. Also some are a bit vague to say the least, in our town we have a shop for the Children's Air Ambulance. I can't for the life of me think why children should have a separate air ambulance and that to me seems more of a gimmick and it makes me suspect those running it are doing it more to employ themselves then help children. I'm sure I'm wrong but that doesn't save my concern.

    Also a few years ago I keep £10 notes in my pocket and handed them out to people I thought would benefit from them.

    I see the point you are making . Many "charities" use most of the monies received for "admin" costs (ie the pay for its CEOs , managers and staff ) I did see an article a few years back about what percentage of donations (per charity ) reached the intended recipients and it wasn't impressive ! As you've stated research along those lines and decide where the biggest slice of your donation will actually reach the coal face -as it were .


    Air ambulance, without a doubt. Like help for heroes, I've never understood why they are a charity and arnt backed by the government.

    Try looking in your local area, there are many small charities that do not have massive budgets that do great work and rely on local people for their survival.

    Acorns children's hospice.

    I sponsor a couple of children to go to school in The Gambia. £5 a month per child covers their school fees, books, uniform and health needs. You receive a copy of the child's school report, together with information about their family and a thank you letter/drawing from the child every year. The charity is UK registered and all of the money goes to people who need it. I decided to help after going on holiday there and seeing how important education is for these children. I spent a lot of time looking into charities to see which are well run and don't take huge percentages to pay staff etc. search for Goal for The Gambia if you think this might be something you'd like to support.

    My tip, find a local charity and give your money to that. They are likely to be scraping by and would love your help. If you're not sure who they are have a look on localgiving you can search by reigon here…ch/

    Declaration of interest (and a soapbox moment) : I work for a charity, I am a trustee of two charities, I donate regularly to a range of charities, ALL charities focus their efforts on their cause. They have to otherwise they lose their charitable status. The CEO whatever their pay packet is is doing that. The admin costs whatever they are are part of that. The vast majority of charities keep their costs as low as they can but they have costs, there's no getting away from it. All the fundraising scandals, all the high wages scandals, all the Daily Mail attacks of recent years relate to at most the top 3% of charities, tarnishing a sector that is increasingly keeping large parts of our society going as the state pulls back. So please please please don't be put off giving just because a few idiots at the top have made a mess of things.

    You might want to have a read of this…060

    I pulled a similar list a few years ago and subsequently gave up on the big name institutions.

    GOSH and the HELEN AND DOUGLAS hospice in Oxford....I have a severely disabled child and these 2 places are a godsend for us...


    Many (but not all) charities leave a bad taste in my mouth.

    Every registered charity must, by law, publish their accounts. You can find these online and show you exactly how much is spent on salaries and admin, with details of how many earn over £100,000 a year (!), what they spend on running their premises and accounting fees etc. I look these up before donating, as a point of principle to not pay towards extortionate levels of pay and expenses. I like Shelterbox, for instance because they rely on volunteers and have very low overheads and are doing something practical all round the world. Islamic Relief is another good, international example of efficient disaster relief.
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