Best cheap android phone?…73/

    Does anyone have any views on android phones under £100. Everyone on here seems keen on san francisco but didnt review well…81/

    I'm looking for a 2. phone for under £100, Samsung I5500 Galaxy Europa looks good


    It appears that the 'bad' things mentioned in the review centre arount the fact an Fran is full of orange branding, software etc. Most people root and re-flash with a custom rom which takes care of the orange rubbish leaving you with quite an acceptable little android phone.

    I am not an expert if anyone is, please put me right?

    Trouble is most of the haters of this phone are the Iphone users.
    This phone is around £100 1/4 of the price of the Iphone.
    I have 2 of these and son can't get on with a touch screen, I think value for money you can't grumble at all.
    As for the phone, well I can't knock any of the phones actions.
    Compared with my HTC Hero it's probably better.
    Battery life for me is good con it's a smartphone and I am yet to get the Orange bloatware off the phone.
    5* from me.

    orange san francisco is the best with your budget.
    or you can try htc wildfire for abit more.
    you will dissapointed with the samsung screen if you choose the europa.

    Another vote for Orange San Francisco.

    I got a San Francisco for Xmas and the branding is very little even before trying any custom roms. I used the free links found on modaco to unlock it for O2 then deleted the more Orange centric links from the front page.

    The only issues then are the Orange logo at the startup screen and the small logo at the base of the battery cover but these are not really noticable as I doubt you power your phone off or look at the back all the time.

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    you can get europa refurbished for £65 + £10 topup - cashback. So its a fair amount cheaper than the SF atm. it has better battery life which is important to me and comes with 1gb memory card. I have samsung jet so will be easier to get on with.

    Music and podcasts ane my main thing and samsung jet lets you seek though a mp3 to the place you want which is very handy for me

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    I have the Samsung Galaxy i5500 and have had for a few days. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE. Repeated texts to the tune of 50 of the same messages, delayed messages, very slow. Is going back and Vodafone are sending a replacement.
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