Best cheap home PC.......

Been looking on the internet at a few places, Dell, PC World etc (and on here of course!) but it's a jungle out there!

I'm looking to get a home PC for a family member, and would appreciate some advice or if anyone knows some good deals around at the moment.

It wil be used for basic home use, photo's, internet, probably some CD burning, music playing, and I think some auto CAD stuff aswell. It needs to be relatively powerful but probably won't be used for high power gaming.

Oh, and it must run XP and NOT vista due to work software that needs to be installed.

They dont have anything, so would be looking at a TFT Monitor and all peripherals aswell.

The cheaper the better really, but I would say top top whack is £400.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:



Visit the Dell site,,,they are the best.

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Haven't been impressed with the Dell sito to be honest. I was expecting to be able to pick up a desktop for about £299, but can't see much under £380. Trouble is, those all run Vista which they can't have.

Am I missing something on the site?
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