best cheap in ear headphones for gym??

as title i am looking for a pair of cheap but decent in ear headphones primarily for cardio exercise. thanks in advance

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B&M's. £2

decent & cheap?
get the best you can afford, or the the worst you cant.

If you want cheap then as suggested before B&M for £2
For £8 you can get some sony in ear on amazon which might be decent.
However, depending on what you're connecting to I'd recommend some bluetooth headphones, when I had my old IPod I kept catching the wire whenever I was on the treadmill or rower (of course it could just be the fact I'm doing it all wrong :().
Currently I use the sony SBH20 (£20 from amazon), just clip it to my top and chuck my phone to one side and I can flail my limps around all I want, or until I get chucked out for being an uncoordinated idiot.

No chance on earth they're 'genuine' for £9.

Cresyn E220....tested by free runners so will stay in your ears during from Amazon for £9-12 depending on colour

JVC headphones from tesco £5 brilliant quality an last long
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