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I would appreciate your help in finding me a cheapish (under £40) multi region dvd player with progressive scan if pos, the player must have a memory, so it will remember where I was if I turn it off. I would also like it to be a name I have heard off.




Try this one for size!!


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Yeah I've seen that one, but wasn't sure if it had a memory? Also found it cheaper elsewhere.

Anyone know re the memory?

Actally that is a slightly different model from the one I'd seen, but that price is for instore only and one not in my area.

Most DVD players and recorders can be made multi-region with a simple remote hack (some sonys and Panasonics need special remote controls) see ]Video Help for details.

If you have seen a DVD player that has the functions you want but isn't region free check on the above link to see if it can be easily hacked and get that one.

I know what you mean about the last position recall though it is very useful, mine has it but I didn't know about it until I found out by accident, I wasn't advertised or even in the instructions and this is often the case with other DVD players.

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Thanks Barneydog, rep added
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