BEST CHEAPEST 19 " Computer Monitor Screen

Found 23rd May 2008
My computer screen has broken so need replacement. What should I be looking for in a screen Lcd quality/resolution etc..

What is best cheapest screen I can get or where is best place to look. I want a 19" widescreen.

Thanks for help.
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probly not much good rite now but my mum got a 19" tft monitor from asda online . it was £65 ... a bargain and the day after it was full price again at £150..worth a look.....?

They have a 19" TV/Monitor for £99.99, the above is a 20" with 3 year warranty for £108, don't know if its in/out of your price range?
LCDs are mostly a standard resolution for their size and aspect because of the generally poor scaling capabilities of LCD technology. For 19" widescreen you'll almost certainly get 1440x900 whichever monitor you go for.

What you should be looking for is good reviews, the 'LCD' specs given are generally pretty useless and don't tell a fraction of the story (plus most of them are fudged to look better).

And as mbgringo says, the 20-22" widescreen monitors (same 1680x1050 resolution on all three sizes) are very similar in price to the 19" ones these days.
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