Best (cheapest) way to add data to an existing 3 (Three) Mix and Match contract

Found 19th Jan 2011
Hi there, my GF is over halfway through an 18 month 3 (Three) Mix and Match deal (M&M 300 I think). I want to give her my old iPhone 3GS, but really she could do with a data tariff adding to her contract to get the best use out of it. What is the best/cheapest way to get this? Any ideas? Obviously the cheaper the better. Any way to change the tariff over halfway through the contract term? cheers!!!
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give three a ring, and you can upgrade your tariff.
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You can add bundles to a contract at any time. Just call them and tell them what phone and they'll add the bundle, it's about £5 a month I think. . .
thanks for the tips! might try and negotiate with them, she already pays £23 a month for the m&m 300 with a Samsung Jet. I don't really think she wants to pay more than that!.
If she's a Jet, she's probably got a data bundle on there already. As long as it's something like 500mb it'll be find (unless she's intending doing a lot of streaming. . .)
actually no she doesnt have the data included, back then (12 months ago) they didnt offer it as part of their mix and match deals, it was £5 extra. of course now data is standard inclusion on most contracts, hey ho!
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