Best (cheapest) way to unlock Motorola V3

Found 14th Apr 2008
See title.
We thought about buying a couple of those because our old ones
are trying to kick the bucket

Does anyone know if I could do it myself?

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where are you buying from, dont suppose its cpw?

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Hm nope.
Lookin at tesco direct using the 5 pound off voucher...
Comes to 30.97 delivered.
Are CPW cheaper?


havent looked, but near enough all cpw phones are unlocked

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I couldn´t find it on their site.
I´m no good at lookin for cheap phone deals as I only
have to do it every couple of years or so LOL


remember £5 per phone (if done in seperate transactions) through quidco, also send in any ohone with box and charger to get £10 back in trade in

whoooops ok sorry they aint got no v3's:oops:

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I like the KRZR too but I dont wanna spend that much
on a phone..only use it to text really.
I guess Tesco is the cheapest for the V3 (30.97)?

I still need unlocking tips too :-)

i got mine unlocked via ebay. Very cheap and didnt need sending away, just a code to enter

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yeah i did that too last time...was 3.99.
I just thought there might be a free way but I couldn´t find anything...
So I guess there´s nothing

Thanks anyway guys

i know someone who went on a website called unlock your phone for free a while ago now and it worked so maybe its worth giving it a go
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