Best Coding toys for 8 year old

Found 16th Nov 2017
My daughter has recently become very interested in coding. She has done quite a few app games and some Minecraft games.

She has expressed an interest in becoming a rollercoaster designer and engineer! She's been playing rollercoaster tycoon and really enjoys Lego and knex.

I have been looking at Lego boost for her but have read mixed reviews.

We don't have a tablet pc.

Any recommendations for combining coding with building or robots etc?
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coding and robots?

Raspberry Pi.

How competent are you to help her with basic coding and electronics?
I don't know but first I'd need a helping hand to pick me up off the floor if my daughter was interested in programming.

Raspberry Pi is a good start. Most importantly I think doing something enjoyable.
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BBC Microbit or try scratch or
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Yeah I was looking at the robots. I had a quick look at raspberry pi but it seemed a bit beyond us.

We've used kidbot games which she has breezed through. I was rather shocked given that I don't allow games consoles in our house and she only recently started using the laptop at school and home.

I would be learning alongside my daughter. My IT skills abandoned me about 10 years ago. I have no clue about Mac or iPad etc. Bit daft really as I used to be way ahead in terms of technology. Growing up my family was the first in our town to have a computer!!

That said, I have several technologically minded friends who would be willing to help.

Does scratch work on pc? I couldn't find an app for my phone.

Has anyone any experience of Lego Boost?
Also was the one we got Minecraft activities through and it was really good.
Raspberry PI and scratch. There are plenty of PI books and vids aimed at kids. At least your daughter wouldn't outgrow it. My 8 year son has just started to learn coding with scratch at school, when I was 8 was playing Conkers, how times change!
This maybe ideal for you

This maybe ideal for you

Unfortunately the link isn't working
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