Best Coffee maker for £100ish?

Posted 9th Apr
Hi all
I thought where better to ask this question then here

I am looking for a way to have some good quality Coffees at home?

I have a Tassimo and various friends have the nespresso machine which no one really rates.

I do not wish to spend more then £100, do any of you lovely people have any recommendations please?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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@tardytortoise if I’m honest this method makes the best coffee I have ever had, my old boss used to make me one in the mornings, nothing has beaten it since, I was just looking for a lazy quicker way (how we are all spoilt these days )

My only prob is I have no idea wat coffee he used to use.

Thank you tho, I guess it’s back to the old school way.
I've currently got a few coffee makers including a Nespresso but I use my Aeropress far more to be honest and it cost 1/4 of the price. I'd recommend an Aeropress (Amazon have the kit with filter papers for about £30 normally) and some decent ground coffee, watch some videos online on how to get the best out of it (inverted method) and I'd be very surprised if you're disappointed! Bear in mind that the Aeropress looks far more complicated than it actually is, it's just as simple as a cafetiere once you've used it a couple of times and it's super easy to clean too.
What type of coffees are you looking to make?

Personally, I love my Nespresso Essenza Mini machine with the Aeroccino. I enjoy this over other pod machines as for lattes, cappuccinos etc, you are using actual milk and not some powdered stuff. Can also froth cold milk for frappuccino's and milkshakes.

For an actual decent cup of black coffee, I go between an Aeropress and V60 and grind my own coffee beans.
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Thank you so much for all of your help! I am just looking for normal coffee that I can add milk to. The aero press did come up on my google search, so will def check that one out.

I think that is why I do not rate the machines, due to the powdered milk. I will also check out the v60.

Thank you again, your help is greatly appreciated.
nespresso all the way
I'll make you coffee for £100. And I make lovely coffee too!
Bosch Tassimo My Way about £80 on offer.
You can choose the strength & heat which you cannot do with sub £150 machines,
I’m my opinion the Tassimo and Nespresso machines aren’t great; especially the Tassimo, always burnt coffee and the milk/flavourings tasted nasty. Much better to get a proper bean to cup machine or filter coffee machine; it’s slightly more expensive upfront but worth it.
Pay more, get a bean to cup machine.
You will save a fortune against pods in a short time.
Pod machines are like cheap printers, initial outlay cheap running costs high.
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