Found 28th Jun 2008
So, now college is over I need a job!

Got my BTEC National Diploma in IT

Problem is, i've never had a job before and everywhere needs experience, so I think im gonna need to make do with whatever I can get!

Just wondering if theres any places to work that are better to work than others?

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I guess it depends what sort of environment you want to work in.
Office, travelling etc.
If you worked in an office it would mean you had to travel around maybe.

Ive worked for Santander now for 2 years and i have to say its the best supported job ive had, tons of benefits and discounts and bonus , a really happy working enviroment , pressured but you hardly notice it because they reward you..and most important a brilliant salary

where you based ?

might be best looking for a junior post then make your way up, i did the btec in installing & support IT systems but i was doing it on the job, getting experience and qualifications

just send your CV to small/medium businesses around your area and possibly do some volunteering work, it all looks good on a CV at the end of the day !

gud luck
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