Best Compact Camera under £100

    Ideally looking for 5 x optical zoom (obviously with the added dig zoom)

    I'm not chasing megapixels, obviously the better the sensor the better the camera and all the other stuff that goes with it.

    Would like to to be drag and drop from the camera to the pc.

    Wouldnt mind being able to film with a decent frame rate for things like local football (although certainly not a neccesity)

    Ideally would need to be rugged, although i will be putting it in a case i am sure you can appreciate it will take a few bumps and scrapes.

    This is mainly going to be used in a variety of situations, everything from taking pictures of my daughter through to tourist style snaps on holiday etc.

    Really am open to suggestions to be honest, if there is something out there which doesnt neccasarily the features above, if someone can explain the benefits then i will gladly look into it

    Found the 2 below but can anyone recommend anything better ??…310…SDY

    this has also posted this on the AV forums board

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