Best company to sell iphone to

    Hi I want to sell 2 iphones a 4 and a 5S both are in excellent condition. I have looked at a few websites and read the reviews and there is no clear winner. Can anyone recommend any ? My other thought is taking them to Cash Converters. Thanks.


    Sell privately if you want to achieve a better price.

    game have always been any sites when ive sold 3 iphones in the past

    Gumtree or cex look at there website it will give you a price.

    I found very good on two occasions. you just have to be honest in your description.

    don't wait. prices drop quickly on all sites. money is paid very quickly.

    also avoid privatelyy as too many scammers.

    ebay everytime. Sold all the families old phones, never ever had any issues, and even with ebay/paypal fees, youll get the best price. Just make sure you advertise it phonestly, and post recorded/special delivery. Dont believe the ebay haters.

    I was very happy with Envirofone. Paid the best price out of the usual trade in companies. One thing I'd recommend is taking good photos of the phone before sending it in and using signed for postage.

    cex is best place to sell and also you get money same day
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    I've always found CeX to be the best when selling phones, and with CeX, if there is something specific you would like to buy out of the credit, you may be able to get store credit to use in any CeX store or online. They usually give higher trade prices for credit than cash too.


    apparently each cex store will give you a a different grade! one gave me a C and the other a B.

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    Hi Guys thank you very much for your replies.
    Will check out the websites and ebay. I am a bit uneasy about sending off the phones - but will definitely take photos before I do - but its good to hear that people have had positive experiences.
    Thanks Again

    Check out Carphone Warehouse recycling too - you can keep all the accessories as they only take the phone. You can just pop into a store, and once checked they basically authorise the payment to your card. I've found their iPhone prices to be decent on the whole (though rubbish for any other manufacturer). I don't trust eBay enough to sell any phones - or buy them. Whilst most sellers and buyers are decent it has a huge amount of scammers operating on there. I'd rather get less money and sell directly to a store or to someone at work, personally.
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