Best console for kids to share?

Found 21st Dec 2017
Hi, just wondering peoples thoughts on best console for 6yo and 11yo to share?
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Yeah I remember those sharing times.. my brother always was having *his turn*

How about Nintendo switch?? X

I say switch because you have some good games you can all play together as a family or games that the kids can play together and not hog the console x lol
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Thanks, I am tempted by the switch, do they only need one copy of the game to play together?
I’d say the Switch without question. I feel the games are more aimed at families than the Xbox or PS4 is.

It allows them to play together depending on the game.

If they play Mario Odyssey they can use one controller to control the hat and one to control Mario.

If they play Mario Kart you can use both controllers to control a car each on split screen.

This can either be docked on the Tv or portable also on the smaller screen. They can also play one player if need be.
Plus 1 for the switch, quite a few games just need one copy (Mario kart and Mario Oddysey). It seems to get getting good support from devs too so it will be great long term. Perfect for kids and it has minecraft which I think they will like
Dare I suggest the N64
I think a 6 and a 11yo would wreck that expensive handheld console. probably better to get them a cheap PS4
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FrootLoop7 h, 36 m ago

Dare I suggest the N64

Not on the displays of today. It looks terrible
Thanks for all the replies, will probably go for a switch and hope they look after it!
At that age I would guess Roblox and Minecraft would be the two main games they would play. A cheap Xbox would suffice and Roblox is free.
plumbear4 h, 25 m ago

Thanks for all the replies, will probably go for a switch and hope they …Thanks for all the replies, will probably go for a switch and hope they look after it!

If they enjoy playing with it then they’ll look after it.
Never too early to instil a sense of respect and responsibility for things
Switch would be ideal, except that it's expensive. An xbox one would be a cheaper alternative.

Or you could get them older consoles, like a ps3, xbox 360, wii u (which goes for around £100 on ebay).
Switch doesn't have enough games, better getting the xbox 360 or ps3... Unless you want current gen then go for the xbox one or ps4.
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