Best console/pc game ever?

Asked about Wii II enhancements before but we were wondering what's the all time best console or pc game.



Shenmue series for me.

Has to be Red Alert! Still play it to this day!

Shenmue was epic still no news of number 3 in the series, For me it would probably be Legend of Zelada - A Link to the Past.


Shenmue series for me.

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half life series


Tomb raider was a real breakthrough in gaming.

It was amazing when it first came out and I've not been that impressed by any game since

Better add MOTO GP to this

OH, OK....COD 4 rocks to

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Zelda - a link to the past here as well, i could re-play that game all the time! also aladdin on the megadrive I still think rivals games made now and maybe metrocross! think it was on the c64!

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Shenmue series for me.

+1 I've started playing through these again on my Dreamcasts. I'm on the forklift level, who knew driving a forklift around a warehouse in a computer game could be so fun

Super Mario Kart (Snes)

Super Mario Allstars on Super Nintendo. Still got so much playability after all this time. Also Goldeneye on n64 kept me and my mates entertained for years. Imagine had it had the net gaming that we have now. Would have been awesome. The new Goldeneye was big disappointment.

has to be championship manager 01/02 for me, I've lost literally months of my life to that game.

Sonic the Hedgehog or Space Invaders
Both simple games but highly enjoyable

GTA3 - The only game I've ever played to 100%

Loads more i'm sure but my mind has gone blank

Mario Kart
Baldur's gate II
Knights of the Old Republic

track n field / hypersports
lotus espirt challange

How could i forget road rash! and californian games on the nes! I need to set up my nes/snes now and play some games


old school - SPACE INVADERS

PC - Civilization

Console - UNCHARTED 2


Modern Warfare 1. Short... but fantastic.

XCOM: UFO Defense
The most epic game in the history of mankind. Sensible Soccer comes a close second
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Final Fantasy VII
Red Dead Redemption
CoD Modern Warfare

Would be my top 3

Shenmue, Mario 64, Zelda Ocarina of time, cant choose between em!

Final Fantasy X

also excellent were:
Shenue 2
Shining The Holy Ark
Championship Manager 99/00
Wakeboarding Unleashed
Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance
Zelda (Original Gameboy)
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good to see alot of shenmue fans here, also apparently sega gave yu suzuki the thumbs up if he wants to start shenmue 3, i heard hes making his own team for it.

CS 1.6
Zelda Ocarina of time
Mario Kart (N64 version obvs)

Mario 64 without a doubt for me with probably Wipeout2097 coming in second

dammit, forgot about Goldeneye!
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Zelda Ocarina of Time!! Still remember the first time I played that game. Awesome


Add the original Tony Hawks game to the list



Go know you want … Go know you want to

LOL - poor imitation but good fun

cant sweep as get game over once they get to the top layer of your shields. Count of 22 & 14 doesnt get 300 points for the spaceship either

Quite simply.. Portal and Portal 2

How did i forget about the legend that is sensible soccer. V1.1 with the back passes on. And Benfica having 4star players. 4!!!!

Sensible world of soccer 96/97 as well. Premier manager 1!!!

Im playing Championship Manager 03/04 at the minute. Great game.
I liked CM 2 as well. I think it was first update after cm2 anyway. Where Danny murphy was at crewe and was awesome!!! Bought him for man city once and Uwe Rosler scored about 140 goals in one season. 343 great formation. 3centre halves, 3 central strikers!!

Crash Bandicoot 3. Have completed that game so many times. Usually play it to 100% completion once a year or so (or until I feel enough time has passed and its time to pick it up again)

Pokemon Red/Blue. So many hours spent leveling up the ultimate team and collecting all the original 151 Pokemon. Was seriously **** when it turns out you get basically nothing for getting them all!

Sonic 2 - this as well as the first one on Megadrive is a classic, will never get old and much better than any of the new ones, although Sonic 4 is welcome return to the old school style.

Super Mario World - my favourite Mario game. Haven't played any Mario games after that generation (Mario 64, Galaxy, etc) though

Final Fantasy VIII - there's a lot of FF nuts who hate this one, but I love it. Wouldn't call it one of the best games ever due to it not being the most popular FF games, but it's certainly my fave in the series and one of my favourite games ever


grand theft auto and battlefield series

Daley Thompsons decathlon on my old spectrum was a great game, I broke many a joystick playing it.

Mario Kart on the snes was fantastic, as was goldeneye 4 player.

More recently I tend to play fifa alot. Anyone remember the original on the mega drive?? Epic!


Daley Thompsons decathlon on my old spectrum was a great game, I broke … Daley Thompsons decathlon on my old spectrum was a great game, I broke many a joystick playing it.Mario Kart on the snes was fantastic, as was goldeneye 4 player.More recently I tend to play fifa alot. Anyone remember the original on the mega drive?? Epic!

I do believe "it's EA sports it's in the game!"

MegaMan - NES

Golden Eye - SNES
Mario Kart - SNES

Championship Manager 95-96 - Amiga

Altered beast - Mega Drive

Call of Duty 4 / MW2 - XBOX 360

Oh yea, forgot about SWOS !!!

Also loved Cannon Fodder on the Amiga & Dungeon Keeper.

Vice City - PS2
Any FM - PC
MarioKart - SNES
Goldeneye - N64
Tetris - Gameboy

Midtown Madness
Sensible Soccer
Elite I & II (not sure if these were ported to PC, but still good enough to get a mention)

Sensible world of soccer was awesome.

Old School - Dizzy Series (spectrum when it didnt tape load error)
Mid School - Super Mario 3 (SNES)
New School - Bioshock
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