best contact number to get an o2 refurb?

    about 2 months ago eventually got an n95 refurb after calling customer services and speakingn to lots of diff people some said yes they do it others had no idea what i was talking about the mrs now wants a new phone so was going to get one on her account any ideas best number from memory it was 202 but cant remember which option??


    i think its the option where u can upgrade or buy a phone!


    too many ppl were gettin these refurbs and then flogging them on fleebay

    o2 got onto this and totally stopped selling refurbs

    Original Poster

    gutted no refurbs anymore! shame some people spoil it for everyone can someone confirm this?

    I've never heard of this via customer services? But I know you can buy refurbs on the o2 website when available.
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