Best contract deals at the moment

    i want c905 on a contract around £35 a month at the minute im on a contract where i get like £140 worth of calls for works out at around £33 a month

    im going to ring t mobile and get them to give me the phone for nothing as my 18 month contract has just ended

    but id like to give them some prices , if they drag there heels


    Not sure how many minutes / texts that £140 worth gets you or indeed how many you use, but on 3 you can get that c905 inclusive with 1100 mins / texts or a mix of them for £34 a month.

    Indeed you can go down to 900 mix of mins or texts for £31 or 700 for £28

    £62.50 quidco on the 900 or 1100 packages or £55 on the 700 package, you can also get £30 recommend a friend if you know someone on 3.

    Hope this is of some use, id certainly recommend that network for coverage, costs etc infact everything but their indian call centres, which thankfully I havent had to try to speak to very often

    i got 600mins, unlimited texts, unlimited internet a c905 phone for £25 per month on o2 - that was an upgrade.

    Original Poster

    thanks , but id prefer to stick to the £140 credit as i never use it all and it crosses texts , phone calls and everything even sending videos

    Well as a new customer I'd say T-mobile have the best direct deal with their online Flext 35 tariff.…ew/

    * FREE phone
    * FREE mobile internet (worth £5 / month)
    * PLUS EXTRA 10% OFF only when you buy online
    * £200 worth of calls and texts each month
    * That's 1000 mins or 2000 texts or any mix you use
    * All for just £35 £31.50/month

    I'm in the last month of my contract, I've been a Flext 35 user since it was launched Early '06. Only gripe is that I am unable to get any customer loyalty - if I want to upgrade I need to take out a new customer tariff.

    EDIT ~ Just fully read the topic. T-Mobile will not give you much - if any - loyalty benefits if you wish to upgrade. I've already given retentions 3 calls, and even a call with a retentions manager. All they will say is how good the new deals are and they cannot cut you any slack because of the 'current economic climate'. Unless you generate a huge amount of revenue I wouldn't hold your breath for much extra from them.

    Not to bash them too much, in all honesty they do have the best new customer deals out there.
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