Best Contract with a phone for under £20

    Im hunting around for a new mobile and contract and havent had much luck on finding good deals.

    The best so far is on 3 with some Nokia and 300 mixed allowance. My current contract with o2 is £15/month for 200mins/400texts but it doesnt include a free fone.

    has anyone found any good deals?


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    darn meant to put it deal requests.

    Orange - £15/month (18 month)

    Unlimited texts/100mins

    Free Nokia 6500 Classic.

    £50 quidco.

    Quidco announced a massive deal on Vodafone in the last couple of days - can't remember the exact details, so I've just c&p from the front page of the site - below.

    July 4th, 2008
    It’s not often that we get a cashback deal come through that makes our jaw drop but Vodafone have definitely extended some of our gaping maws here with the £130 Quidco cashback offer that just went live. Yep that’s £130 cashback for taking out any of their mobile contracts and it’s the highest ever Quidco cashback we’ve had for mobiles.

    The great thing is they have just released a new batch of offers including the online exclusive plan with 600 anytime minutes, unlimited texts, 3 months half-price for only £30/month (18 month contract). This plan is available for handsets including Samsung U900 Soul, LG Secret, SE C902, Samsung F490 and Samsung G600.

    As always we try to get a little bonus icing on the Quidco cupcake so this time around we’ve got an extra £10 cashback available to the first 100 members who take out a validated contract from Vodafone and post in the comments below (transaction has to take place after the blog post). In the comments let us and others know which deal you sprang for!

    Please be gentle with me - my first proper post!

    get a sim only monthly from vodafone £15 150 mins 500 texts and £90 quidco , after you have had it 1 month then you can add a phone for free and fix the contract length , if you get the phone first on a £15 contract you only get a small amount of minutes and texts

    edit: just checked now for an upgrade on one of my sim onlys and you can 12month at £15 se v640i with speakers or pay £25 to get the w880i or go 18 months nad you can get the w880i for free

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    Thanks couchwarrior but i need a phone right now, my current phone is locked to o2
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