Best courier to use for electronics?

Posted 2nd Jan
I've sold a number of electronics recently and was wondering what the best couriers people have used (ones that are not too expensive either). In terms of handling then, I don't want my parcels being mishandled/ thrown about.
Also whats the best website to compare courier services? I've used Parcel2Go and ParcelMonkey before but thats been a while back.
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I have sold a fair few laptops over the years, DPD are about the only company I have used that are yet to lose or smash any of them up, this is despite the restricted/prohibiteds items lists between different couriers.
Stay away from Yodel, Herpes and you should be ok. The best couriers i have use are UPS & DPD, i would only use those two with high value items.
Worth noting that some of courier brokers have site wide restrictions/ not covered items regardless of the individual parcel companies policies. Anyway another vote for DPD here & avoid Yodel at all costs.
As previously mentioned DPD without a doubt is my go to courier for items that I want to arrive.
Avoid myHerpes like the plague, I had an Ebay seller send me an item through them a few months ago and it's still showing as stuck in their network and actually speaking to a person is nigh on impossible when they fook things up.39572041-6bDNc.jpg
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