Found 28th Sep 2007
Ok i know of etc but what card have you got and why?

does it offer the best interest rate? what is your interest rate?
what kind of credit limit do you get to start off?


All credit cards are horrible nasty things, they all try to get you to buy more stuff!

HUKD + credit card = Mess (oh and a divorce! :giggle: )

As you are a Tesco employee I am about to use a swear word to you...


If you are a driver the Asda Mastercard is quite useful, it gives you a 2p discount on every litre of fuel, also a 5% discount from Asda's George clothing range and you also get 0.5% cashback everytime you use it anywhere in the form of Asda vouchers.

Not sure on the % or the transfer options as I never use those features myself (just use and abuse CC's and pay them off in full each month).

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No....not ...the ...dreaded .....word ..... [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Lime"]ASDA !![/COLOR][/SIZE]

capital one are ofeering good cash back?? start with 500 limimt

Credit card = essential for:


Car Hire

Decent Consumer Act Coverage on any purchase over £100

Bloody useful on semi major purchases tbh.


It's pretty disgusting how many people use it as such, living beyond their means, then moan about the debt, majority who fall into this catagory are under 25 too.

IMO wait for the pre xmas 12months 0% offers and, IF you can manage your finances properly, become a tart: to bill everything onto the card and only make minimum payments while keeping your income all in a savings account, then ENSURING you pay it off come the 12th month and defect to another credit 0% 12month card, can result in hundreds of pounds in interest a year doing this, seen thhe 7% bonds/savings accounts about recently?

Or if you don't wanna do that, just get a 0% card anyways but ensure you are careful and basically paranoid about it's usage.

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capital one are ofeering good cash back?? start with 500 limimt

We got accepted for that one altho the interest rate is 34% and the credit limit was £100

you'll like this Saxo....
the Tesco credit card for me and OH! (it's the good rates too - before they lowered them!)

everything gets bought on it then paid off via the online banking straight away..

points make prizes!

2 free MOTs and services each year, and I think we're going on holiday for free too!
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