best credit card, or WHERE to find best credit card

    got a mbna one and its got a very high intrest rate and no real perks. its just for use by me so just for shopping. hubby then clears it....bill is about a grand a month.

    but in case he forgets or whatever, the intrest rate can bite hard! and u do hear of loadsa deals o be had. so it'd be nice if someone could point me in the right direction as to WHICH one or WHERE is best place to find one.



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    Tesco clubcard one is pretty good 12 months intrest free on pruchases and you get club card points on anything you buy!

    Fairly obvious, but setting up direct debit to pay in full to avoid interest is also an idea.

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    thanks. repped

    Barclaycard Platinum Simplicity, is a really good deal.

    It doesn't really have any perk (which are usually pretty useless anyway) but its only 7.9% APR, and theres no charge for balance transfers.

    Only downside is you need a very good credit rating to be accepeted. I got one recently, very happy with the service so far

    I use the American Express Platinum Cashback and Tesco Clubcard Credit Card anywhere where it's not accepted. That way you get some nice free money every year toward your bill and extra clubcard points too. Which I then exchange for Airmiles to get free holidays
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