Best credit card to use on holiday?


    I currently have a Natwest Student VISA card (although I am actually now a graduate), and the limit is annoylingly locked to £500. I am going to the USA this summer and don't want to take excessive loose cash with me so I am thinking of taking the credit card along for the couple of big purchases I wish to make.

    As Natwest won't do anything about this situation, what is my best bet regards a credit card that offers a good exchange rate when purchasing abroad along with no charges associated with it?

    Also, is it worth considering travellers cheques?




    nationwide card
    get an overdraft if u can have one
    no charges


    nationwide cardget an overdraft if u can have oneno charges

    Was just about to say the same!

    just a note that you should pay tax on purchases over the limit(i think its £65) when arriving back in the uk

    just to echo the above.

    I have a nationwide current account, took 10days in total, signup online, get papers 5days later, sign, post off, get account, register online, get visa cards/pin numbers.
    great spare account, 0% charges abroad with decent exchange rates.

    Original Poster

    Cheers for the info but how does it work in relation to a credit card? I would ideally like the added protection.
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