Best Cure for Stress Fracture/Shin Splints

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Found 19th Feb 2011
Hi all!

I've started back at the gym last week and the lower front of my legs have started to get painful on the running machine,

I think i've probably over done it having not been to the gym for a while! I do have proper running trainers as well.

Does anyone know the best way to cure a stress fracture? Without it affecting me going the gym!

Thanks in advance


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If you've got shin splints you need to rest them until they start getting better. Icing is a good thing to do as well, plus you could take some anti-inflammatories. Compression wraps/bandages can be a help. Chances are you don't actually have stress fractures at this stage. If you are getting shin splints after running, although it does sound like you've been overdoing it, it could also be something to do with your gait, so you should go to a running shop and get some properly fitted trainers. Check this link out for some good information…nts

I used to get it all the time, tried to do less 'pounding' of the feet, less hard running and more slow jogging. Tried to do less on my feet which I made up for on upper body by weights.
Also got some good heel insoles for my shoes (for my work boots, football boots and trainers, one good gel pair that I moved between them)
Strangely around that time I cut out ketchup as I remember reading that Steven Gerrard had suffered from it and he had to cut that out! (may have dreamt it though)
Haven't had it for ages so all of that must have worked although it took about 2 months to get over the last time.
Hope this helps

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Cheers for advice guys!
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