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    A few weeks ago someone posted a link to a site showing the best instore currency rates. Well ive searched and searched and can't find it again does anyone know the website or am i going mad.



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    not sure but Marks and are regularly the best

    I always use the post office, I don't know about anywhere else but they don't charge comission

    The only one I could remember seeing recently was


    Exchange rates are always better when you get there.

    Travelex is best if you order it online and pick it up at the airport. However if you can wait till you get to your destination you will always get a better deal once your there.


    I used travelex and purchased with my debit card but still got charged 2% commission by my bank!

    Marks & Spencer i find have the best rates....both selling at buying back.

    Marks and spencers are constantly the best at the moment.

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    Im looking to get about £600 worth of dollars

    I need £300 worth of Egyptian Pounds for when I go to Egypt On 10th March and I have been watching the exc hange rates offerded at M&S, The Post Office, Natwest and Ice Travellers ([url]www.iceplc.com[/url])

    Joint worst has been Natwest and M&S which makes me think the idea of M&S being consistently the best (which I have heard from alot of people) is a complete falicy.

    The Post office and Ice travellers have been consistently the best, jointly offering best rates. Maybe M&S are better for euros, haven't checked.

    Has anyone used [url]www.iceplc.com[/url] ? As I am thinking of ordering today and just have the slghtist hint of worry I won't get the money on time or something.
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