Best Current Beer/Lager Deals?

    Anyone know what is the best current deal? Thanks in advance all


    £1 for a 660ml bottle of stella aint bad bought some today n morrissons

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    Not a bad deal, just found it myself. Where's the £5 Carlsberg export cases again? :-(

    24. 440ml cans of carling at sainsburys £12.47 :thumbsup:

    check somerfield, was in there last night (just popped in to see my mate at the petrol station lol) and i think it was carlsberg or carling or stella (cant remember was only just a quick glance) 12 bottles of £5.99 if thats any good ?…htm

    Carlsberg Export in Aldi (if you can get it before they sell out)
    15 bottles for £4.99
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