Best current deal for a 32" Samsung LCD?

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Found 9th Sep 2007

I've had a search through the forum and the only deals I can see are the expired Debenhams one and an old one from Dixons.

I want to get one (don't mind if it's online or high street deal). I have an Egg card so I get 5% off at Dixons though I was trying to get a good price that I could get John Lewis to match so I get the 5 year guarantee!

Any advice much welcomed!



247 electrical have it for £460 with free delivery.

John Lewis will usually price match with Empire Direct stores £519 but you could collect from ED for about £467 and pay an extra £20 for a 3 year warranty (& get about £9 quidco). JL will not price match online prices only store prices.

(the £467 is if you use the 10% discount code - still working this morning)

I bought a beauty 32" Samsung LCD TV off
It was the LE32r87BDX or something like that. Got it for 370 (inclu. p+p)
Doesn't look like they're doin that deal anymore.

I've not found any better than £460 inclusive

Its still a good price, but gutted we missed the Debenhams deal

I think its worth holding out for a while to see if we find something better

If I can get £430 inclusive, I'll take it

Always another deal just around the corner.....i'll tell you one thing for sure the prices are only going in one direction.....patience is the key ;-)

You should be able to get the Samsung 32" 88BDX model for £441.90 using the Dixons price match policy.


If they mention postage - the beyondtelevision website only states Next day delivery (£25), so say normal delivery is fine. I did not have to pay any postage.

Great TV btw

No extended warranty though I'm afraid (unless you have a Barclay's additions + account - which gives you extended warranty as one of the benefits)

raelly want to spend some money on a good tv but ive left it so late now might as well wait for january sales,

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Be warned that Dixons only honour one voucher per transaction so if you try to do a few (I used to 2.5% off and Kelkoo £10 off vouchers) they only honour the first one. So I got 2.5% off and when I rang them up they confirmed that this is indeed correct.

My Egg 5% off came off immediately though so I'm happy enough with the deal I got. I think it worked out £448 or thereabouts including the premium delivery as I'm working so I needed it delivered before 10 and their standard delivery would only say 5 working days.


what model is it you are after as there are the r87 or the m87 32" models. the m range has a 100hz panel and the r does not.

hope that helps then you can get the price match approved.

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