Best current IPHONE 8 monthly contract for heavy data usage?

Found 19th Nov 2017
Hey guys,

I'd like to get the new iphone 8 on contract. Should I wait until black friday? Or is there a good pre deal out now I'm not aware of?

  • 30gb+ data needed
  • No more than £40 per month, preferably. EE, 3, Vodafone are probably the only networks i'd go on.
  • Unlimited texts and minutes are not essential.
  • Low cost for phone (Below £50)

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lol, you want an iphone then bend over and pull your pants down. no such thing as cheap iphone/iphone contract

id be amazed if you get something for 50/month

but lets enlighten you a bit

40 x 24 = 960
cost of iphone 8 is 699
that gives you 260 quid for the contract over 2 years thats £10.80 a month
even if you add 50 that gives you around 13quid a month for a contract and you want 30gp

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