Best current laptop £400 can buy?

    My laptop is on its way out,Kaspersky has got rid of everything but the problems still remain. So I am staring at the bleak prospect of shelling out for a new one. Anybody have any good suggestions of what I can get for under £400? Would go to £430 ish if the laptop was so good that it was worth it.

    Main priorities are high RAM, as long a lasting battery as is possible and the better the processor is for running games then the better, and a built in webcam/microphone would be good too.I'm not knowledgeable about what makes a good processor so I'm relying on you guys and your expertise.

    Thanks in advance to those that wanna help.


    How old is your laptop and when you first got it, was it fast enough for what you needed to do?

    Why not just re-format and re-install your operating system. Be as fast as the day you bought it then.

    What games do you want to play ?,

    The best option is to reformat and also to buy additional RAM for your laptop.
    Depending on your brand of laptop, getting a couple of GB is quite cheap

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    I bought the laptop second hand,and I thought I didn't have the windows disc but after reading these replies I had a look and i've got a 'system disc' so I will look at doing this reformatting business.

    It used to have 1Gb ram and when I upgraded it to 2Gb I enjoyed quite a difference in Football Manager,not the match fixture churning but everythin else improved, and I can run more stuff simultaneously since I did it. I've had this vaio for about 3 years I think.

    And if I'm honest, the idea of buying a new laptop because my one is full of trouble (worst is how it reboots of its own accord and can take 4 hours of rebooting itself until I even get to my password login screen) was starting to seduce me,I was planning to buy a new one next summer anyway so I thought oh well maybe now is the time. Before this latest problem, I wanted the new one because the vaio gets ridiculously hot, gets gradually slower and the battery,even when I replaced it with a new one,wasn't upto what I wanted. I commute on trains to uni, and having the new laptop now with its hours of battery life would be a major help in my lifestyle really.

    The main priority gamewise is Football Manager, The Movies in 2nd and if i were to buy a new un, I'd like the ability to play something like Mass Effect or Half Life 2...I haven't the foggiest if I'm being unreasonable in wanting to play those for less than £500?

    My choice is to get the current one sorted if poss (your formatting idea,I guess) and buy a new one in the summer, or buy a new one now and then sort the current one out, as I'd give it to my brother as long as it works ok.

    Is there not a Windows product code sticker on the laptop you can then download it or get MS to send you a copy on disc

    What make and model laptop is it? Many have a recovery partition which will do a factory install by pressing a certain key upon boot. Sony Vio's are F10.

    Right click on 'My Computer' select 'Manage' and then look at 'Disc Managment' - This will show you if there's an extra, hidden partion which may hold a factory recovery info.

    go to Comet and buy the Acer 7540, use MVC5 code for 5% off and another 3% if you go through quidco, we have just bought 2 of these and they are great. It plays COD Modern Warfare with all options on very smoothly. Comet did put the price up thos week of this model due to large sales from 469.99 - 499.99!!! come on Comet, tis the season of good will:santa:

    See my earlier post, don't be disappointed by the low score this machine is fast and very very capable, all parts check out well, even has an 8 cell battery.…-co

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    Thanks very much for the input guys. Just an update to say I've restored it to factory settings and 2 problems still remain; the internet will disconnect every 5 minutes or so for no reason and is pot luck if/when it will reconnect, and everything crashes from time to time for about 10 seconds. I'm definitely going to buy a new laptop, but will wait and see what happens in the sales,hopefully a good deal will pop up as I don't want to spend the earth.

    i need a laptop for about this price too, help! i've dropped my current laptop so many times its slowly dying
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