best dashcam?

Found 12th May 2017
would like a dash cam that could just start when engine is on if possible? not bothered about settings just want something to work and record, been looking an the xiaomi mijia looks good, is there anything better? what do you guys reccomend…tml
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512g nextbase. £140 plus 30 fitting hardwire kit included. Halfords.
I have front and back.
Tried lots.
this works!
Yup I agree with Tony I also have the next base 512g, the reason I chose this model was because its got good quality recording picture day & night, park mode if required (records when not in car does use car battery power tho'). I've had to use footage for incidents and everyone comments how good the picture is, easily recommended!.
I got the nextbase 312gw (£82 amazon ). I have to say I've been very impressed with the quality of the footage. can also transfer files via wireless to mobile or tablet
I have a Nextbase too, but unlike others I don't have a good word to say for it. Completely unreliable. Often doesn't start when ignition turned on, and when it does start I am plagued by frequent freezing.

By some miracle when I was hit from behind when stationary at a pedestrian crossing, it did work, but I would not recommend it to my worst enemy. Avoid.

Forgot to add that it also fails to recognise a perfectly good memory card a lot of time.
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Guy today showed me a 1080p generic camera from eBay for under £40.
The footage on it both day and night looked good.
He didn't tell me the brand. But seeing what it looked like I'm going to try to get one.
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Rexing V1, great quality, only £50 or £70 for dual cam. and hides behind the mirror
here's some footage I caught with the Rexing V1…d5E
According to Gearbest the Mijia is available in Chinese language only?
I have a mijia in both our cars, happily recommend. Chinese with icons, not difficult to find out what to do to setup IMO. Day and night footage excellent.
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