Best Deal for a PVR

    Got a new job yay!

    However I don't get home till 10.30pm, fancy one of those personal video recorders, so I can easily record my soaps.

    Budget around £100 ish, I think all of them have freeview built in, space isn't really an issue as I'll erase stuff after I've watch it.


    Not the cheapest, but it gets glowing reviews and looks worth the extra £23

    Humax PVR8000T at HomeCinemaTV.Co.UK

    It has an 80Gb hard drive and costs £122.84p including delivery.

    Looking on eBay, there are some of these for sale, but they have a 40Gb hard drive.

    I would advise you to go for a twin tuner PVR (record one channel watch another)or at least have a think about it

    Don't spend £100 now save your money and speny £200 when you can, it will save you money in the long run as I really do think once you have a PVR you will want to greater flexiblity in recording and will end up spennding money again.

    I have a Humax 9200T

    From their web site....

    Don't miss your favourite programmes again!
    Record 1 channel while watching another.
    Record 2 channels simultaneously while playing back a previous recording.
    Provides you with up to 100 hours recording on an integrated 160GB HDD.
    Equipped with latest technology and design, the Duovisio is a PVR ideal for digital terrestrial broadcast reception and offers up to 100 Hours of recoding with its integrated 160GB hard disk drive.

    In addition to receiving Freeview channels the Duovisio can also receive pay TV channels with the use of a CA module.With simple installation and operation, the Duovisio offers a user-friendly three-dimensional OSD, the highest quality digital audio output and advanced vidio clarity for TV and VCR are all designed to enrich the viewer experience.

    With its highly sensitive tuner for better reception the Duovisio boasts a 7days Electronic Programme Guide(EPG), for even better programme information on all channels. The Duovisio also enables subtitles, digital teletext, and interactive features.

    As a PVR, Duovisio utilizes its preloaded software functions with a built-in 160GB hard disk drive. This allows for assorted trick play, diverse formats of recording and recording services playback,all through the time shift recording function.

    As a twin tuner PVR, you can record one channel while watching another. Furthermore, you can record 2 channels simultaneously while playing back a previous recording from the HDD.

    With USB2.0, Duovisio allows MPEG A/V file transfer between Duovisio and a PC. Duovisio allows viewer to enjoy digital photos on a large TV screen or to listen to MP3 files downloaded from a PC.


    Amazon have a range of reviews if you want to do more research
    .....Amazon Reviews....

    Food for thought at any rate

    I have the PVR pictured (PVR8000T), bought it over a year ago now. It revolutionised the way I use my TV and within about 30 mins of owning one I could not go back. I am a little shocked that the PVR/freeview thing hasn't gone more mainstream in a year.

    Took a gamble having never heard of Humax at the time and all I can say is I would definitely by Humax PVRs again. The user interface is very 'friendly' and you can set up a future recording in 2 button presses. 80GB HDD was more than enough for me - I have never maxed it but I do tend to record and delete and not store many things indefinitely...I do still have more stuff recorded that I can ever watch tho.

    HOWEVER 1 year on, I have to agree that you must invest the money in a 2 tuner box. They were not available when I bought mine but it is what I will upgrade to. I have a scart splitter and unplug the PVR from the TV and resort to analogue when I am recording. Doesn't happen often but enough to make me think it is a must.

    Also the ability to export recorded stuff via USB is a nice touch as the one problem with relying on a PVR to record means you can't share TV with colleagues/friends the the same way you could with vhs.

    One more thing, my mate has a Digimax PVR with 2 tuners, he swears by his. So there is more than one manufacturer option for you.

    :!: Overall I say: Yes! get a PVR. and Yes! Save up your pennies and get a good one!

    Welcome to HUKD + Thanks for the useful information chardle Very helpful with 50p's info too!


    Hello clever techie people out there,

    Just reading above about the superiority of the dual tuner PVRs, and I agree that it's a pain to not be able to watch one thing and tape another, but if my tv itself is digital, do I still need the pvr to have two tuners???


    :? sheenamc

    I can't get Freeview as I don't have a tv aerial in my flat, I get my tv through NTL via an NTL digital box. I'm just waiting for the PVRs to come down in price.

    Can you not slap a bigger hard disk in them yourself? I presume they use regular IDE drives?

    I was told NTL were going to start doing them with their packages so will probably be cheaper with them if you are subscribed.


    Hello clever techie people out there, Just reading above about the … Hello clever techie people out there, Just reading above about the superiority of the dual tuner PVRs, and I agree that it's a pain to not be able to watch one thing and tape another, but if my tv itself is digital, do I still need the pvr to have two tuners???Thanks:? sheenamc

    the PVR's are set up like a regular video so you would have the areial feed the PVR first then from the PVR to the TV. If your TV is digital I don't see why you wouldn't be able to watch one and record another, you still have two tuners they are just in different peices of equipment.

    What you won't be able to do is record two programs at the same time or that overlap.

    i have a set up at home where i have 2 NTL boxes im able to record off one box and watch the other (change the channel). all i got was an extra box (or a freeview box if you want) and a splitter cable, so my NTL cable is split 2 ways and goes to both boxes each box has its own AV channel and can change channels indepently.

    just thought i'd mention it for the NTL customers.

    Ive got the Humax 9200T - really good, and the Twin Tuner is a big help. Only downside is it only allows 20 recordings to be listed in the schedule, and i know it sounds a lot but when you get to grips with this thing its easy to go over that especially if you have things on repeat.

    I would have to recommend the Thomson DHD400 as an excellent twin tuner PVR for around the £100 mark.

    I bought it for my parents for xmas and even though they are technophobes, they have managed to master most of the functions with ease and use it more than I ever expected them to.

    It has a 40GB drive which stores up to 20 hours (longer if compression is used) and with twin tuners you can record two channels whilst watching something you've previously recorded.

    It is absolutely jam-packed with features and it has certainly revolutionised the way my parents watch TV.

    The best deal I've seen for the Thomson is at QED Direct is £120 but I'm not sure if they have it in stock anymore. I'm sure if you shop arouind you'll find a bargain on this great PVR
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