Best deal for a sat nav?

Found 2nd Aug 2007
Ok, sat nav experts, can anyone tell me of any great deals around at the moment, as I would like to get my dad one for his birthday in a couple of weeks and basically have no clue on what a good one would consist of or how much I would expect to pay.

Any suggestions?

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Best one to get is a tomtom one gb
Yup, Tomtom One is a good bet. Excellent value for money and very reliable. It has everything you need without paying for extras that most people don't use. Features include touch screen, postcode search, full UK maps, pre-loaded points of interest (tells you where nearest pub / post office /restaurant / hospital / petrol station / tourist attraction / train station / aiport etc. is), bluetooth (you can link it to your phone to get traffic updates so it can re-route you around traffic jams), optional speed camera warning alerts, fast GPS-Fix (finds where you are on the map quickly) and much much more. It's ready to go straight out the box.

Current price on Amazon is £151.80 but there may be better deals if you search the forum.

what is the best price you have found yourself? what prefered system do you want?

does it have to be a dedicated sat nav or will a pda do ?

there are loads of different styles, models, formats. because requests can sometimes be complex, there are some basic rules.


if you post exactly the sort of thing you want and follow the guide you will probably get more help, i have seen sat navs ranging from 75pounds upwards but it depends what sort you are after.
i was thinking of selling mine
its a tom tom one and has mains adaptor which cost £20 extra and all comes boxed and also has the speed cameras which i bought extra.
car charger and usb lead for pc to link into tom tom on the net.

i downloaded a few voices. works perfect just that i dont have any use for it anymore. it also has the american maps loaded this was a great help to us last year when in the states.

i have chance of borrowing one for future holidays so i don't really need this anymore.

e mail me

will accept pay pal
£120 plus postage
AFAIK TT1 does not have bluetooth

Edited to say, it does but you have to subscribe to TT plus services to use it, I think.....

I've had two TT1 v2 Europes, and both have failed - frozen screen and had to return them. If it had bluetooth free though and I could do handsfree calls i'd probably get another at that price.
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