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Found 21st Dec 2009
I am looking at buying a new camera and wondering if anyone knows of a good easy to use SLR camera. I can see most are around £300 - £400 however there is so much to choose from. Any recommendations please?
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Best DSLR = No one really knows the answer, some say Sony, others Nikon, Canon, Pentax, or even Olympus.

Best value is Sony, as they use Minolta AF lenses. Beacuse of this, used lenses are cheap. ](example)

Londoncameraexhange had an offer of a twin lens Olympus kit for £ 399.99 - but for somereason, olympus is not too popular. Best advice is go to some online forums, and see what other users say about there equipment (camera equipment that is :-)
I was looking at the sony A300 but coulden't justify the expense as I would hardly ever use it.
You might find this site useful:

Thank you
cannon 450d
May I refer the honourable gentleman to a post I made in October, the details of which, somewhat remarkably, have not changed since (2 months is a long time in electronics land)
Sorry, top-ish spec is going to set you back £800+ (and that's being a bit loose with the term top-ish).

£300 doesn't get much in SLR land but if you're going to compare a bottom end SLR with what you're used to from a compact then it's still going to seem like it's from another planet. It's all to do with sensor size and cross pixel interference and other technical stuff.

Anyway, taking at heart your proviso that whatever it is mustn't be bulky, and that all SLRs will seem very bulky when compared to an Ixus you're really looking at a 4/3 system camera (because the slightly reduced sensor size leads to a smaller camera all round) and in this price range that means Olympus.

For example, the E450 with 14-42 lens (equivalent to a 28-84mm zoom in 35mm format) for £299.99 + £7.99 delivery from camerabox here ]http//ww…340

Although, if it were me I'd snap Park Cameras hands off for the E520 with 14-42 lens for £349.99 including delivery here ]http//ww…tml because of the camera body's built in sensor shift image stabilisation which works with any compatible 4/3 lens that you attach.

Both provide great quality in a (for an SLR) compact size.


And there you have it. I stick by every word. A great introduction to SLR photography that won't be outgrown over time.

I like the canon 1000DNot in there budget.

got mine brand spanking new for 400
Dont know how quick you are looking, but I got mine from an ebayer called argos-clearancebargains. And as you can tell it is actually Argos's clearance shop

So come Mid Jan, they will be clearing their old stock to this warehouse and you will get a bargain.

Last year I got the Canon D400 with twin Lens 18-55 and 50-200mm for 389 Delivered

They are Brand new with a 12 month Warranty, so it worth keeping your eye on them

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