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Found 27th Apr 2009
I'm looking to switch my electric from Southern Electric is anyone offering any free items when switching does anyone know please


[LEFT]Have a look at this - taken from

31 March 2009 [/LEFT]
[CENTER]All of the six major providers have cut prices
Time To Switch! [/CENTER]
[LEFT]As of today, 31 Mar 09, all six of the main energy suppliers' announced rate drops have come into affect. Sadly though, all the price cuts have disappointed, as none have dropped rates by more than 10%. [/LEFT]
To put it into perspective, wholesale rates are nearly fifty percent lower than they were last summer, so deeper cuts certainly wouldn't have gone amiss. After last year's mammoth hikes many will still be paying up to 40% more than in Jan 2008, even factoring in these reductions.
[LEFT][SIZE=5][COLOR=#0000ff]Why switch now? [/COLOR][/SIZE]
All of the big providers have now cut prices meaning the playing field is level for comparison so ditch and switch to cut costs by £200-300. When you switch, all that changes is the price and customer service. All the comparison sites have the updated tariff information, so should now list the new cheaper prices, but ]Energyhelpline* & ]SimplySwitch* do. [/LEFT]
[CENTER]By specifically clicking via the special MoneySavingExpert.com links below to get to the comparison sites rather than going to them direct, if they can switch you, you also get paid cashback or freebies on top (for why & full info read the ]top comparison sites section). [/CENTER]
[*]Overall top comparison service.

Our top pick, based on historical reliability, feedback & research, is ]Energyhelpline*, which pays £15 cashback per switch whether gas, elec, or dual fuel.
[*]Alternative comparison services for freebies.

If you’re doing a dual fuel switch, which means getting gas & electricity from one provider, you can get bigger freebies (one per household).

There’s £30 cashback from ]Moneysupermarket*
12 bottles of wine (worth c. £40) from ]Uswitch*
And a £35 Amazon voucher from ]SimplySwitch*[/LIST][CENTER]More options, including possibly boosting the cashback, for individual suppliers in the ]cashback switching section.[/CENTER]
[LEFT][SIZE=5][COLOR=#0000ff]Company by company changes[/COLOR][/SIZE][/LEFT]
Price changes vary not just by company, but by region and there can be huge variance. The following are the average changes for each major supplier...
[*]British Gas & Scottish Gas. 10% gas cut, no change to electricity

Like all providers British Gas has a range of tariffs and the impact depends which you're on.

Its standard, ‘dual-fuel’ & pre-pay gas prices will fall by 10%. Sadly its online tariffs have fallen less, Click Energy5 by 6.6% and Click Energy6 by 3.6% (originally it indicated these'd be cut by roughly 10% too!). Those who pay by monthly direct debit will have had their monthly payment automatically reduced on 19 February.

It's interesting to note, when British Gas increased its prices by 35% last year, it did so with immediate effect, yet sadly when announcing price cuts it's asked people to wait three weeks after telling them.

Yet for electricity only customers, those on essentials packages, and of course capped tariffs, there won't be any change (see the full ]price rise charts).
[*]Scottish & Southern Energy. 4% gas cut, 9% electricity cut

Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) has announced price cuts for all standard customers. These are now effective, a disappointing five weeks after the announcement.
[*]E.ON.9% electricity cut, 0% gas cuts

E.ON announced a price cut of 9% on electricity for all standard, online and pre-payment meter customers, effective 31 March. Unfortunately the cut excludes its social Staywarm tariff. (See the ]Staywarm article).
[*]EDF Energy. 8.8% electricity cut in certain regions, 0% gas cuts

EDF Energy announced price cuts of an average 8.8% on electricity for some standard and Energy Assist customers, again effective from 31 March.

These reductions are not for everyone, it depends on where you live, those areas that'll feel the cuts are London, South East, South West, Wales and Scotland. The cuts are averaged out too, so those in South Wales are getting a 12.5% cut, but in London it's just 5.5%, the rest of the country get nothing.
[*]Scottish Power.3% electricity, 7.5% gas

Scottish Power announced price cuts of an average 3% on electricity and 7.5% on gas across standard, pre-pay and some online tariffs with effect from 31 March.
[*]npower. 8% electricity, 0% gas cuts

npower also announced price cuts effective from 31 March; an average 8% on electricity but nothing on gas. While it does include pre-pay and some online tariffs it doesn't include its cheapest tariff, Sign Online 14.[/LIST]Even if you can’t change, you’re not stuck. Although not all the comparison sites include pre-payment tariffs, use either ]Energyhelpline* or ]Uswitch* to compare prices. ]Ebico has historically been competitive on pre-payment tariffs though most of the other major suppliers have now started to charge pre-pay customers the same as other customers.
[*]Are you in financial hardship?

Some companies offer special cheaper tariffs, which will help. Unfortunately, the major one of these, British Gas' Essentials Extra, has stopped taking applications until spring 2009. In the meantime, it's launched the lesser Essentials Advance, which offers eligible customers free insulation, and a £50 discount off the first bill after it's been installed, but standard energy prices.

However you can't assume these will be the cheapest tariff. As you're online (or you wouldn't be reading this) it's likely the cheapest online tariff will save you cash.
[*]Read the full guide below.

This is just broad brush headlines. To find out full details, including getting grants, using less energy and how to improve on the cashback you get, read the full guide below.[/LIST][SIZE=5][COLOR=#0000ff]What about those who capped in July 2008 or before?[/COLOR][/SIZE]
In July 2008, it was already certain energy prices were going to rise. At the time there were three cheap caps left, and for those who wanted price surety to insure against any possible rises I was yelling "cap, cap, cap". If you capped then, then there's already been a price hike of around 30%, so you've almost certainly been saving money so far.

And even with these latest price drops, you are still likely to be on a cheaper tariff than you would've been otherwise. Research in Feb ’09 from energy site Uswitch analysing the impact of price cuts on those who capped before August’s price rises said

"Energy prices would have to drop by £185 or 16% before consumers on competitive fixed price plans would be losing out. Households that took out a fixed rate plan in July 2008 are currently paying £143 a year less on average than households on standard plans."

However, to match your cap against the current cheapest tariff, do a comparison, ensuring you’ve selected the exact cap you’re on as there are many with similar names. If there is a saving by switching, do include in your decision the fact your cap gives price surety at a lower level than currently available; and may have an exit charge.

Once those three caps had disappeared, some may have continued to cap for certainty; if you did, the price of caps then could be higher than the new 'price dropped' rates. So again do a comparison.

Some of the capped tariffs had exit fees, so if yours does be sure you factor this in. If the savings are bigger than the exit fee, switching now is an option. Though if you got a long term cap, it does have the benefit of insulating you from any future increases (and who knows if that'll happen) so if it's not much more expensive you may want to stick with it.

[CENTER][SIZE=5][COLOR=#0000ff]Want to save more and get extra grants?[/COLOR][/SIZE]
Please read the whole article below for more tips, options and explanation.[/CENTER]

It only takes five minutes to switch energy supplier, and do it when the times right and it can save you 20%, plus there’s a way to get paid to do it. Go to a comparison service direct and they’ll just find you the cheapest; but so many MoneySavers switch, there’s been a price war to win your business, meaning you earn up to £30 cashback or 12 bottles of wine on top.

E-on worked out cheapest for me and it is fixed so I know what I will be paying for the next 12 months, £62 Quidco as well!!:thumbsup:
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