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Found 7th Jul 2010
My friend is coming to the end of his orange contract and is after the new HTC Desire. Looking to spend £25-30 monthly, shortest contract which I think may be 18months. Doesn't really want to have to pay for the phone upfront.

Which network is providing the best deals. Orange aren't offering him a good deal to keep him!

He wants approx 600mins and unlimited text and some internet usage.

He lives in Coventry and thinks he shouldn't have any problems with network coverage.

Thanks in advance
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Try looking on a comparison site like this edit - Can't post site link so below

Note the Desire and Desire Black are listed as separate phones - Go via quidco on Vodaphone and get £90 cashback with no additional claims. The have a £35 mth deal that meets the above on 18 mths - Will work out at £30 mth after the £90
no comparison site coming up when i click the link

I could not edit it so I had to delete it. Have a look at this. T-mobile 600 cross-network mins + Unlimited texts • 18 months for £ 30.00 a month

they are giving £60 cashback which brings the price down to £26.67 a month. Plus you can also get £30 cashback from topcashback.co.uk... Total £25/month

I did paste it in here try mobilecontracts with a . and net - Can't past the link for some reason
pay as you go pixmania 340

I did paste it in here try this Here

still not working...maybe to do with new site and bugs?
beepy mobile have desire for £35 with a £20 pm 18 month contract on t-mobile.
£40 quidco on beepy too, which pays for the handset...
i went with beepy but they had no htc phones left but took my order then said there were weeks wait
i eventually after an arguement got them to cancel my contract
i went with moblile phones direct and i got with t mobile 18mth contract for 30 quid with iunlimited nternt unlimited text ad 500 mins
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