Best Deal for Laptop - £300 MAX Budget.

Found 12th Oct 2008
I know this topic has been done to death, but I'm looking (again), for a laptop.

£300 budget and if possible a "branded" laptop (ie: Acer, Siemens, HP, Samsung, Tosh)

2gb RAM
100gb HD

Guessing I'm stuck with Vista pre-loaded inc recovery disks?

I'm prepared to go via online and use quidco and/or a voucher!

Currently looking at PCW, EBUYER, TESCO etc. Do PCW price match ONLY on the EXACT same Make/Spec Laptop or what?

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would you be willing to do refurbished?
i know its not to everyones liking but i got a fantastic packard bell dual core 2gb, 120 gb laptop for £280.00 at currys refurbished and ahah yeah with vista premium!
hope this helps!:)

Thank LuraBee, really helped that, i don't mind a refurbished laptop.


Thank LuraBee, really helped that, i don't mind a refurbished laptop.

glad to be of help:)

for budget laptops you could consider an Acer One or one of the ASUS EEE netbooks? Small, ideal for running internet on the go. Light as well. Battery life not great but definitely comes under budget. You would have to run Open Office, which isnt great but improving all the time. No CD/DVD drive though.

I got a refurb recently from dixons / currys. £330, 1.66GHz Dual Core, 160GB HDD, 2GB RAM. It's a packard bell. It also comes with a really capable graphics card (can do supreme commander on full, and nearly Call of Duty 4 on full as well! And wireless-N, so it's future-proof! I really can't recommend it more!

It's the Packard Bell MB88-P-003. There are voucher codes floating around for currys and dixons - £10 off. If you buy from Dixons the del. cost is only £3, and comes in 2-3 days rather than 3-4.

Hmm, just looked on their website: they don't appear to have it anymore. They do still have the bigger 17inch version though:

PACKARD BELL SB88-P007 Refurbished Laptop
Product code: 356731

I have a Dell Insiron 6400 for £300 2gb, 100gb hd PM if your inetersted
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