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Found 11th Mar 2008
Can anyone tell me the best deal on which network you get free min or better rates for going on the internet?
Im on virgin just now and they dont do free internet min, when i use the online for only about 4min i get charged like £5-6 ......out of order lol

Im willing to change my provider and go with o2 or something, preferably not orange as iv never liked them.

who are you with and what is your best tarrif etc ??

thanks for any replys folks

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if on O2 contract. 7.50 per month.

I think o2 now have a flat rate of £1/day but not 100% on this and not sure if it applies to all tariffs. Take it you just want internet on your phone? (Not using phone as a modem or anything like that...)

I thought virgin did something on a daily basis ? The boy here was on something cheap I know, at school at present but I'll ask him when he gets home if I can't find it

Yeah scrub that , he was using virgin bites which is probably no good for you saxo ?

Viewing Bites is free if you Pay Monthly. If you Pay As You Go, it’s free for 30 days. After that, it's a flat rate of 30p per day. Accessing other sites costs 0.5p per kb downloaded.

To check, receive and send email also costs the standard cost of 0.5p per kb.

The amount you pay depends on how big the message is. Checking your email typically uses 12kb of data and will cost 6p, whether you have new mail or not.

Downloading an email which is around 150 words long would use 12kb and will cost approximately 6p. Sending an email of around 150 words uses approximately 12kb and will cost approximately 6p.

Downloading or sending any attachments will significantly increase the amount of data used. For every kb, it’ll cost 0.5p.

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thanks everyone, anyone else have any better ones?
im thinking of getting one of those palm top things that can make calls aswell, as having a mini comp with me would help with keeping info being offshore....
i know i could just use a pen and paper... but i like my gadgets lol

i say a big poo to virgin as there rates are too high, even with turning off pictures with the internet.

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that £2.50 for 5 days sounds pretty good like....might go for that

"Pay as you go
Pay as you go customers can add the web'n'walk 5 day for £2.50.

To buy text WEB to 441.

You'll then receive a text telling you that you can start browsing. On the last day of your pass we'll send you another text to let you know that your pass will expire at midnight"
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